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Stars competed in Gucci glasses at Optik Gallery in Mall Jolie Ville, Baneasa

For the first time for a store in Bucharest, on May 24, 2018, a fashionable event with the theme “Gucci Day” took place, during which the complete collection of Gucci sunglasses and vision glasses was presented, in the presence of special guests Dana Savuica, Oana Cuzino and Simona Patruleasa as well as several bloggers and editors of fashion magazines in Bucharest.


Choosing glasses lenses

When it comes to choosing glasses lenses, it is best to listen to the optician’s advice and the instructions on the eyeglass recipe. Here are some basics, however, in order to better understand and be able to make an informed choice. The choice of glasses lenses depends on your needs and preferences. These, in turn, depend on your lifestyle. How much time do you spend in front of the screen every day. Do you drive a car? In short, the combination of your options should reflect who you are.