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Eyeglass lens coating

Lens treatement function as a protective coating for them and turn modern plastic eyeglass lenses into robust everyday use objects. Unfortunately, when buying glasses, less attention is often paid to lens coating. The choice of coating for lenses is made on the recommendation of the doctor or optician and depending on the activities you carry out. The lenses of the eyeglasses are made up of several layers, called coatings. They are not visible to the naked eye, but are very beneficial because they protect the eyes from harmful reflections and rays, and at the same time, provide greater resistance and durability to lenses.

Depending on these layers, lenses have different characteristics:

  • Tratament anti reflex – are rolul de a bloca reflexiile produse de lumina, crescând transparența lentilei și oferind o vedere clară indiferent de intensitatea luminii
  • Tratament de durificare – protejează lentilele de zgârieturile fine ce pot apărea în urma ștergerii necorespunzătoare a acestora
  • Tratament pentru lumina albastră – filtrează lumina albastră artificiala provenită de dispozitivele digitale: televizoare plasmă, monitoarele calculatoarelor sau diverse  dispozitive mobile (telefoane, tablete), lumină ce afectează o zonă a retinei numită maculă, în care acuitatea vizuală este maximă.
  • Tratament hidrofob-oleofob – reduce aderența picăturilor de apa și a impurităților, ușurând procesul de curățare fără zgâriere
  • Tratament antistatic – diminuează considerabil energia statica acumulata și protejează lentilele împotriva murdăririi


Anti-reflective treatment blocks the reflection of light on the surface of the lens, thus increasing its transmission. Basically, it provides a transparent, clear view, makes the glasses more attractive and allows a free and reflective view in the wearer’s visual area. The benefits it offers are: visual protection, visual comfort, image clarity (including clear reading and distance vision), removal of disturbing reflections, natural color perception, greater transparency, lighter lens cleaning and greater scratch resistance. Lenses with anti-reflective coating are more resistant and, in addition, have a more pleasant appearance.

You will be protected and will no longer be disturbed by artificial light emitted by light sources in rooms, street lighting, car headlights, computer monitors or mobile devices.

It can be applied to both surfaces of the lens or only to the concave side to the sun lenses. Its quality and performance depend on the resistance over time and how easily and often the glasses are cleaned. The types of activities you do are important. If you work in an environment where you get your glasses dirty and you have to clean them often, then you should opt for an anti reflective coating that offers greater resistance.

The hardening treatment is included in the anti reflective coating, but can also be applied separately.

Although anti-reflective coating will protect you from light sources, it does not completely protect you from sunlight, which requires a UV filter.


This treatment protects against blue-violet light and, as the name suggests, filters artificial blue light from televisions, computer monitors or various mobile devices (phones, tablets). Any monitor, whether it is newer or older generation, emits blue light, which can affect the eyes.

Lenses with this coating provide comfort and protection because they filter blue light. If you work a lot on your computer, whether or not you need optical correction (eyeglasses) it is good to wear some with 0 diopters, but with protection against blue light, especially if you have headaches, blurred vision or dry eyes following long exposure to artificial light.

Treatment against blue light can be applied to almost any type of lens, with any diopter or refractive index, and the maintenance of the glasses is very easy.


Hydrophobic, oleophobic and antistatic layers allow easier lens maintenance due to very low adhesion of water, oily substances, dust particles. Lenses can be cleaned much more easily, and with changes in the temperature of the environment, this treatment has the advantage of ensuring wearers a better quality of wear due to outstanding clarity.


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